Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Road Trip to Remember: The People

Rock Climbing Class

A recent road trip to Central Oregon allowed me a chance to not only connect with friends and photograph some beautiful landscapes, but also photograph some people, most of which were hanging/climbing 50 to 100 feet in the air on the face of Smith Rock.

While I myself do not climb, I have a mix of a great of respect and absolute confusion for those that do. For myself, I have a great dread of heights that is based on personal experiences in my past. My fear of heights is so bad, that when I get close to edge of something like Smith Rock, or lets say Crater Lake, it takes all my energy to not throw up.

But beyond that, the main reason I have never pursued rock climbing is that I lack confidence in my ability and in the safety of the gear to be successful in this particular endeavor. And in this particular case, if you are aren't successful, you are likely dead or possibly even worse, wishing you were dead.

With that said... enjoy the photos.


Scaling Smith Rock Face

Example of Smith Rock Scale

Resting on the face of Smith Rock

Out of the Darkness on Smith Rock

Climber Explaining His Passion

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