Friday, June 6, 2014

A Road Trip to Remember: The Landscapes

Smith Rock

Last weekend I embarked on a road trip with some friends to Central Oregon.We explored several different locations including, Smith Rock, pictured above, the Head of the Metolius River, Crooked River Gorge and the Three Sisters viewpoint pullout. Each location provided distinct terrains and unique photo opportunities and all were within thirty minutes, or less, of each other and most importantly, each provided us a chance to bond not only as photographers, but as friends.

I am finding personal interactions much more important today than I did even just a few short years ago. I am finding social media and technology platforms like mobile technologies (texting, email, etc.) a very dissatisfying experience these days. This reinforced in me the importance of putting down my phone, tablet, computer, etc and look up, look around and connect with people face to face. Thanks Rick, Shawn and Matt for inviting me to be a part of this extremely awesome day.

Enjoy the photos below.

Mt. Jefferson Over the Head of the Metolius River

Jefferson National Forest

Smith Rock

Smith Rock

North Sister Viewpoint from Smith Rock

Crooked River Gorge

Three Sister Viewpoint


Chris Kilpatrick said...

Great panorama shot! Love your prospectives.

Monkey Paw said...

Thank you Chris. As always... the feeling is totally mutual.