Monday, January 17, 2011

Photo Experiment - How to have some fun

Here are another few images from the guys night out photo shoot.

Above is Chris David of posing with an umbrella. This was shot by Chris Sabato of using my camera as we set up for my little art project.

I was looking to capture a menacing, serial killer type of look with this scene. I was looking for a serial killer meets photographer in a dark alley. Oh what fun it was set this up and get it shot. Shot by Chris Sabato using my camera, lit by Nathan Smith of, Michael Conkey of and Chris David.

 This was meant to be a seen as the moment before the killer strikes. I processed it with black and white because the lighting (red in color) over powered the scene. Shot by Chris Sabato, lit by Nathan Smith, Chris David and Michael Conkey. The real smoke effects were produced by Chris David and Nathan Smith using a burning incense, which I smelled on my hoody the next day. More images from the shoot tomorrow.

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