Saturday, January 22, 2011

Irish Models and Italian Sodas

What an eclectic days for blogging. First and foremost, we have clear day out... yes all you north-westerners... we have a sun break going on.

I took some photos of my wife's new hair cut the other day. Actually she didn't a cut, but rather all of her hairs cut. It is a cute new style that looks fantastic on her. I am happy for her... she feel really good about herself and her new style. She is glowing as brightly as the sun is today.  

Today included a trip to a local wedding show. Talk about enlightening. Seeing how the show was setup and even seeing of the competition opened my eyes to challenges and opportunities in this industry. Afterwards I got an Italian Soda from the French Press, with my good buddy and fellow photographer Nathan Smith of As is my standard Modus Operandi I snapped a few pics of my drink with my droid phone. Did I mention the sun was shining today?

It was as yummy as it looks. What an awesome sun shiny day.

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