Monday, January 24, 2011

The Best Camera in the world...

...Is the camera you have with you. When I first heard this I thought, "Wow I have been a dumbass for so long!" I used to think that if I didn't have my DSLR I would had missed the opportunity, but my brain has been officially reprogrammed.

Fisherman never tell tales about how big their pole was or what pound test the line was or the type of graphic spinner they used to reel the big one in. They talk about the fish they caught and in many cases they talk about the one that got away. The fish that was only rivaled by Moby Dick. The line broke, they sneezed, or the line got tangled... there are many reasons why the big one got away, but the fact of the matter is that it got away and it is because they were not prepared.

Recently, while downtown I was presented with a bomb-scare opportunity to photograph, but alas my DSLR and point and shoot was left at home. So I grabbed my phone and started shooting photos and HD-Video of the scene. I didn't miss the shot, because I had the best camera in world, the one that was with me. 

The other day I was sitting at the mall's food court reading and people watching. Some patterns caught my eye, but alas I didn't have my DSLR. So what did I do, I grabbed my phone and captured the patterns. The point is, I didn't let what caught my eye to get away. Below are the shots I captured.

The above shot was capture using the negative filter in the camera app.

Now admittedly, most phone's cameras won't have the capabilities of my phone's camera. But alas, my phone's camera didn't have this natively. I had to download an app to get the features this one had. It does just about any special effect and processing type out there. It wasn't free, but it was the best camera app out there for me. The app is called Vignette, $3.99, and is available for all Droid Phones. Now, let me say this. This app is a resource hog. I have had to forcibly shutdown the app multiple times during the bomb scare shoot, but for what it does, I am extremely happy with the app. It does way over 60 effects including Vintage effects, toy camera effects, color swapping effects, skin smoothing effects, color highlighting, bleach bypass and other sepia effects, cinematic effects and even tilt shift effects or even no effects is an options. There are also framing options like Panorama, wide screen, picture and grunge frames and so on. Tons of effects and options makes this the most versatile camera I own for on the go shooting.

No filter, no special effect. This was a simple point and shoot using my camera.

No matter the circumstance that has presented itself, no matter how formal or informal, use the best camera in your possession. If it is a point and shoot, shoot the scene. If it is a DSLR, shoot the scene. If it is a cell phone, shoot the scene. If it is all three, use the best of the three for the circumstance. The fact of the matter is that if don't shoot it with what you have, you are just a fisherman with another Moby Dick sized fish-tale.

Now get clicking.

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