Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photogeddon - Day 34: Odds and Ends

Today's photos are a collection of odds and ends. I will let you decide what is odd and what is end.

So my first photo is of my good friend Chris David of This was taken at the wedding he helped me shoot on Halloween.
Chris David - Wedding and Portrait Photographer

This next photos is of a random homeless person. I love the way the composition turned out on this.
Homelessness is not so random
This next photos is a macro of the leaf, still in green.
Green and Textured
This is a typical Northwest morning.
Misty Pacific Northwest
This was my Halloween costume, in which my wife worked on my full length cape all day. After much frustration for her, my costume was complete and neautiful enough that I won first place for best costume. By the way, I painted and decorated my mask.
Post Halloween

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