Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Photogeddon Day

I finally finished up with the photos from the wedding and will be presenting them to the Bride and Groom on Monday. For now, I wanted to share some shots that aren't wedding related. I can't show everyone the primo wedding photos before I have my sit down with the bride and groom, so until Monday, here are some photos from yesterday.

I actually got in trouble with the coaching staff at a local college for taking five photographs of the female soccer team practicing on the field. So here is the whole story told from my perspective.

I walked around the campus quite a bit waiting for the start of a workshop I was attending. I arrived at the soccer field at about 5:15PM. I shot five photos of the team running drills. I shut my camera off, put the cap back on and remained there at the fence watching the team run drills. At 6:00PM, the coach walked over to me and asked me, "Are you photographing the girls?"

I said, "Yeah, I was, but haven't been for quite some time."

She then asked to see my credentials.

I said, "I don't have any credentials. I was just messing around and shot like five frames a half an hour ago."

She the told me I was freaking the girls out and asked if I would delete the images. I said sure, and deleted the five images completely in shock about what was happening.

She then asked if I was student there at the college. I said no, but that I was waiting for someone who was there; not a lie, as one of the coaching staff was attending the workshop as well, but I didn't mention his name to prevent him from getting into trouble.

She then said that if I was interested in getting credentials, that I need to talk to the coaching staff and walked off.

Wasn't she part of the coaching staff? And wasn't she just telling me that I wasn't allowed to photograph the team? Isn't there some irony there? Just saying.

Moral of the story is; it is illegal to racially profile, but it is perfectly fine to profile me as a pervert because I am a 6' 4" white male with graying hair, leaning on a fence watching a soccor practice and capturing five photos of a soccer team running drills. When in all actuality I am a photographer experimenting with his camera.

She made me feel like a dirty-old-man. I have never experienced that before. Not sure how to react at this point. Not sure if I care either. I think I will pursue getting the credentials that she mentioned... just to prove a point.

So without futher blah, blah, blah... here are the photos that I wasn't asked to delete.

Lines and Shadows

Waiting at Willamette

Capital Sunset

Capital Reflections

The Hall

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