Friday, April 4, 2014

I have been lazy lately... or have I

******Warning This Post Contains Tasteful Nudity Called Art******

You have been warned.

I recently had a conversation with a friend. We had some friendly banter about just how busy I have been since I had claimed to have been too busy to have scheduled a shoot for a local photography club. Well this is an example of what I have been doing in the last few weeks. But in the end he is right, I am probably just sitting around on my ass watching An Idiot Abroad or playing solitaire or writing or drawing or reading or walking or gardening or managing a headache or managing my fibro or working my day job... just kidding. Actually all that is true, I was just throwing that out as a friendly jab back at my buddy. :)

Aside from this ongoing headache, which I have been suffering from since mid-December, life has been good. It has felt good when I picked up my camera and I that had not felt good in a long time. I have been writing and drawing quite a bit. My wife has had me out in the yard quite a bit as well. It has been good for me to care about things other than art. It is nice find other forms of creating outside of with a camera, pencil or paintbrush. Balance is coming, but rest assured that I am still fine tuning that balance, and until I get the headaches under control, I have to put things aside from time to time, then I play catch up and then recover, then catch up again and I pay in other ways for that.

It is an interesting journey; finding balance. It isn't always easy, but it has been rewarding. Part of that reward is being able to deliver photos like these to a friend who really wants to do something fun, daring and creative to get out of rut she feel herself in. She is not a model as she puts it. She wanted to simply step outside her comfort zone and asked me to help. How can I say no to a friend. So my wife and I helped. My wife helped pick out the costumes, which aren't pictured here to protect her anonymity, did her makeup for the shoot and also acted as my voice activated light stand for the shoot as well as helped with some of the posing.

Many thanks to my friend Nathan Smith of for loaning me his lighting kit for the day to help make this happen.

Enjoy this small sampling of the shots.

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