Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Revisiting Crater Lake - A Personal Essay

I miss the pure simplicity of that weekend by Crater Lake. No stress. No obligations. No demands.

No car issues, no family issues, no sick pets.

No constant emails telling me this or that; or asking for this or that.

No neglected yard work screaming at me every time I look out the window.

This was my view.

It was simply a weekend between 6 friends, with their cameras, and absolute beauty to behold and capture. Wonderful memories I shared with 5 other individuals that will never be forgotten.

That is what Photography is supposed to be about.

Photography isn't about your deadlines.
Photography isn't about filling up your memory card.
Photography isn't about your next showing.
Photography isn't about your next sale.
Photography isn't about your new gear or even your next piece of gear.
Photography isn't about sharing every single image you have ever shot in your entire life.

Photography is about connecting.

Connecting with the world around you.
Connecting with the people around you.
Connecting with yourself.

When was the last time you connected?
When is the next time you will be connected?

When are you going to abandon the concept that you could be a better photographer?
Accept that you are a better photographer.

You know what you are doing.

You simply have to do it.

Now get it done!

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