Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Playing with Fire - Setting Fire to Rain

Flaming Umbrella

Glowing Orb - Part One
 What an amazing evening. My friend and fellow photographer, Elizabeth Smith and my wife headed into the dark stormy night with one thing on our minds; setting fire to the world and capturing it on film.

We headed to an a rock quarry that Liz works at by day. Using a few household items and some ingenuity we captured some amazing moments. The above flaming umbrella image was one of many stunning images we captured.

Circle of Fire
 So the trick to accomplishing this is:
Find a safe place where you won't set anything on fire accidentally.

You will need fine grain, type 0, steel wool.

You will need a medium sized wire whisk  like those that you would beat eggs with, preferably one with a loop on the end.

You will need to two carabiners and a length of chain that is about two feet long.

You will need one wind proof lighter.

You will need to long pants and long sleeves and closed toe shoes.

Glowing Orb - Part Two
Put one carabiner on each and of the chain.

Attach the whisk to one of the carabiners.

Unroll the steel wool to allow it to breathe as it burns

Stuff the steel wool into the whisk.

Light the steel wool all over.

Begin spinning the steel wool.

Actuate the shutter.

Walking Fire
 One key is to activate the shutter after you have the spinning started and to deactivate the shutter before the end of the spin.

Remember to keep safety first.

When this stuff burns, it becomes molten.

Never swing it towards any person or object that can burn.

Keep away from dry grasses.

Keep water nearby in case an accident does happen.

Have fun, be safe, and go out and make some art.

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