Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If you are seeing this...

If you are seeing this post, it is because you come here on your own and not because I posted it in to the social webs. This means you are interested in what I have to show, teach and talk about. Thank you. I won't be sharing on my personal social media sites any longer. If the few that actually want to come see these posts, they can do so of their own free will and not because I used my personal social media accounts to whore myself out.

I have been posting a lot lately about fall, mainly because I experienced two full months of fall this year. Normally in Oregon, we get one week of fall. Under normal conditions, the trees in Oregon start to change colors and then the first big storm comes in with high winds and heavy rains and rip both fall leaves and green leaves from the branches and all of the color ends up on the ground. One week, boom, and fall is over.

This year was different. Fall lasted a what felt like forever. It was only two weeks ago that the landscape truly looked winter-stark. It was beautiful year to live in Oregon in the fall.

But it is time for me to move on and stop dwelling on the beauty of fall. It is time for me to shift my focus on my New Years resolutions. I know, those lames resolutions, but I actually did well on my resolutions this year and I am looking forward to developing next year's.

Last year's goals and results were focused on giving and were as such:
  • Educating
  • Giving
  • Execution
In the realm of education I taught numerous low-cost workshops to teach photographers. By low cost, I mean I didn't pocket much, if any money per workshop. In total I may have made $30 this year after all expenses were paid. I made it a point to make myself available to members of my photo club members to answer their questions during our events.

In the realm of giving I volunteered at the local humane society, until my car broke down and then a few months later I sold all my lighting equipment and wasn't able to make the pet portraits properly. I participated in the help portrait event this year, as a matter of fact I am going to a framing party for this help portrait today. I vowed to guide others in the pursuit of their goals and as a result I gave a lecture on goal setting and   I encouraged a photographer friend to pursue an education in the arts and as a result she started in the Visual Communication Program at the local community college.

In the realm of execution I had great successes in that I was able to pick 4 projects and execute them. One of the projects was to shoot a themed fall portfolio using a style I developed on my own and not something I read how to do on the internet. That is what the last few months have been about.

So now, I head into the bowels of winter, thinking of what I want and more importantly can accomplish this coming year. Stay tuned for my resolution post. 

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