Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GOYAS: Stop waiting for the image to come to you

Listen, I know what you might think this is saying about me. Let me clarify that this is not a political statement about the legalization of anything.

Instead, this is an example of what you can find simply by keeping your eyes roaming and your mind open. Okay that last statement did sound like a pro-drug ad, but I swear it isn't.

I was roaming the sidewalks near the myriad of government buildings in downtown Salem on a bright sunny day. The shadow play from the sun and the trees was phenomenal.

I came across this. It was pure chance that I would walk across this spot exactly when the sun was in the right position in the sky to use the leaves from the trees to make this specific shadow on the sidewalk. I wouldn't have captured this image if I had been sitting on my butt at home.

This points to one of the most important aspects of photography. The photograph isn't always going to come to you. You have to Get Off Your Ass and Shoot (GOYAS). By exploring new areas or even familiar areas in a new way, you open yourself to opportunities and photographic interested that you may not have known you had in the past. Even the most common place can provide new opportunities daily or even change hour by hour or minute by minute.

So what is stopping you? Stop reading now and GOYAS.

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