Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Photography Retreat Part 4

Chris and Shawn Shooting the Misty Lake
 The Salem Digital Photo Group held their first annual photography retreat this fall. The retreat was held on the beautiful Oregon coast at the wonderful Camp Magruder, near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

To recap, the first day started down on the beach for some beach scenes followed by an amazing sunset. Then late at night we went out to attempt a one hour exposure, which ended in a bust a little before 1:00 AM.

But that didn't stop the happy campers from rising early and heading down to the private lake for some early morning light and water shots.

After breakfast we went on a hike in the woods and then met back up for lunch. After lunch, we got to head to the archery range.

Rick's Bull's-Eye
Yup... that's right, the staff a Camp Magruder thought it was a good idea to take the cameras out of our hands and put bows and arrows in the camera's place.

Everyone took a few shots with both the bows and their cameras.

In the image on the right, Rick is showing off his impressive archery skills.
Melva's Bull's-Eye
 Melva in her last shot of the day nailed a bull's eye.

The archery was a nice mix in the activities for the day providing a little variety in the day's activities.

 My shot of the day, at the archery range was this shot of Tom drawing down on me.

It was shocking how eager everyone, not just Tom, was to point a loaded bow at me.

It was all in good fun, but in all seriousness, Tom and I keep clear and concise communication during this shot. I let him get the bow drawn back and indicate when he was steady. Then I would step in front of him, shoot a few frames and he would let me know when to move.

Tom would take a little rest and then we would set up and do it again.

 That evening, we headed down to the beach. We were running a little behind, and had to run down the beach to get to the point where the setting sun fell between these two rocks.

In doing so, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and as I ran a little too close to a little camp fire with several people enjoying the beautiful evening on the beach, their dogs didn't like me running so close to their little camp. The dogs ran out and bit me twice on the legs. I stopped, raised my hands and waited. The dogs stopped and the owners came running, apologizing. I looked at the sun sitting on top of the water sad all was good and took off running. I had several hundred yards to cover before the sun dipped under the horizon. I got the shot and the bites didn't break the skin.

After a brief slide show which we invited the camp staff to, three of us wandered exhausted back down to the beach to try again for that elusive one hour exposure.

This time, with full batteries and no yahoos on the beach with their flashlights and no moon, we had success with the first try. Back to the cabin and in bead by 11:00 PM.

 The next morning after breakfast, we hit the lake again, for an hour cruise in rowboats.

In the image on the left, Rick and Shawn tootle around the lake stopping to take photos of geese, shorelines and reflections.

It was the last activity before we packed up and headed home... and it proved to be a great closer.

All in all the weekend was a huge success. Though we all got home exhausted, everyone took some beautiful photos, bonded as friends and learned something over the weekend.

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