Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Upon Us

Fall Photography
 Fall is upon us. Rain, gray skies and a plethora of yellows, oranges and red.

The above image is a 6 image panorama of the slough, shot in five exposures per frame of the panorama to create a HDR image of stunning visual representation of the scene.

Contrary to popular belief, fall includes some beautiful flowers as well as leaves. All you have to do is look around to find them.

A few weeks ago I hosted a fall color shoot for a photography group I belong to. Minto-Brown Park, along the Willamette River is a gorgeous location for finding beautiful color and interesting patterns. With 800 acres carved with a variety of trails, it is an endless choice of beauty.

Beauty in fall can be found in the littlest of subjects.
Inner Beauty
Watercolor from a Camera
Fall also allows an opportunity to abstract in vibrant colors. Oranges on the ground, yellows and greens in the trees paint a beautiful backdrop for the two ladies walking down the path in the image on the right.

By shifting my camera vertically, I was able to make a watercolor like painting out of the photo. This photo has had no Photoshop, it is out of camera with a little Lightroom work to compensate for camera raw.

I was particularly struck by the detail that is not only lacking due to movement, but that is apparently in spite of the movement of the camera.

I have said it before and I say it here now;

Get that camera off the tripod and create some art.

Take the time to look for beauty in the world and you will find it.

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