Tuesday, September 4, 2012

As Summer Rolls Away

Haunted World
Oh.... Can you feel it in the air? The untimely of demise of summer? Could it be? Could fall be quickly approaching with all of its glorious colors and cooler weather?

While I am not ready for the sun to disappear behind the gray veil of nature's soft box, I am ready to embrace colors other than green and blue.

A couple of weeks ago I spent the morning with a local painter, James McDonald and his upcoming artistic daughter. I observed their techniques and styles as well as their approach to capturing a scene. It is refreshing to see how another not only interprets a scene, but also how they translate that interpretation to the canvas.

Swinging in the Past
 As my daughter swung on a swing at the park, I watched her and how her body interacted with the light. I have hundreds of photos of my kids in swings, so I wanted to look for something else.

What I found was her shadow on the ground. The curvature of her feet in relation to the relative symmetry of her hands, arms and torso. I found it intriguing.

I am often drawn to the shadows and usually love what I find there.
 The next two photos are fun additions to my world of abstracts.

In the right photograph I have captured the greens and yellows of the tree tops.

The bottom image is the vertical shift while focusing on the lush landscape. A slow shift of the lens allows some detail to remain throughout the shift.

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