Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A little splash of fruit

Splash of Orange
Last weekend my friend and fellow photographer came over with a prop and a concept; a fish tank and food coloring.

She wanted to shoot some ink drop and waterdrop shots.

I was excited about the idea, but then I flashed on something I have wanted to do forever; dropping large things into water.

So I suggested that before we started using the food coloring we drop some fruit into the water. She agreed. Using two shop lights, one with a 200 watt bulb and one with a 150 watt bulb we started started dropping fruit, splashing water everywhere.

I have seen this done many times before, mostly with stark white backgrounds, but I wanted something a little different. I wanted the elements of the tank to be present.

Splash of Red
Tomato Splash
Splash of Green

The difference I was going for was the effect of having an actual background to highlight the air bubble created in the vacuum created by the fruit so the bubbles didn't get lost in in the sheer white of the image. I am happy with the results.

Thanks Liz for including me on this fun adventure.

I am offering a limited number of these images for sale in my store. Each image is a 5x5 inch print and only cost $15 each plus S&H. The images are available individually or as a framed and matted collection. See the sample below. The 25x25" framed and matted collection is $120 plus S&H charges.

Splash of Fruit

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