Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Weekend with Wags and Friends


This weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to spend some time with a new friend, Wags. During the flooding in Salem, the Willamette Humane Society called out for help to their volunteers. The facility was evacuated due to the rising waters. We arrived after so many troubles with road closures and after a short time, we went home with three friends, a dog and two cats. 

I would like you to say hello to Wags. 

Wags is a 2 year old Border Collie mix, and has almost as much energy as he does love. He is completely house broke. And while he had a few accidents the first night, he was nervous and had a case of the runs. After that first night he was accident free.

This weekend was our 6th wedding anniversary, and we had plans to go to coast this weekend. But because we also answered the call to help we had to make a choice. We had already asked our friend Liz to come over and watch our cat, so we confirmed with her that a couple of extra cats would be okay as well. Liz, being the kitties lover she is, welcomed the extra feline friends. So we took Wags with us to the coast.

Wags bonded with us completely. He was a complete companion. He loves other animals, he loves people and rarely left our side and he is always happy. He was so at home with us in our Yurt that he even smiled while he slept. It was hard for us to take Wags back. The bonding my wife and shared with him was deep. 

In addition to wags we brough home Bunny Boo and Duece. Both loving kitties and siblings, although they completely different. Bunny Boo, in the first photo is a playful and energetic girl that love playing almost as much a snuggling. Duece, is a calm quite boy that is shy at first, but warms up for some snuggles soon enough.


Come on down to the Willamette Humane Society for and take on of these future family members home or if for nothing else, come down and see what you can do help, and say hello to Wags... it won't take long for his loving personality to touch you like he did us.

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