Friday, June 10, 2011

Dealing with Creative Disappointment

Last night, I was prepared for an amazing shoot with a new model that Nathan arranged to have come in. I had shots planned in my mind and ideas for setting up shots that could be expanded on in future sessions. 6:00 came and went. The model didn't show up. Nathan made a phone call and learned that the shoot wasn't actually scheduled until the following week. Talk about disaapointment. But it happens and there is no need to cry over spilled milk. Move on. Some times that can be harder said than done, but it is simple when you have Nathan around.

We went in the studio and played. He posed and I shot. That little mini-session made it so much easier to cope... I still got to experiment and create some fun images. 

When we walked outside, near sunset, Nathan I were greated with the most amazing sky.

The above image is nearly out of camera. So rather heading home, Nathan and I piled into his truck and headed to the hills to capture the amazing sunset that was about to happen.

Using the blue graduated tint built into his truck's window this too is nearly out of camera, meaning very little post processing. The sunset was gorgeous. How could one not recover from creative disappointment when you have such inspiration distracting you.

Yeah... by the time I got home I was more focused on the excite for next week than the date goof. Disappointment? What disappointment.

Then when I got home, I found some love in my dropbox from Nathan from a play date we had a few weeks ago.

In the end, the day was never a disappointment, but more of a delay followed by a series of alternate opportunities. Big weekend coming... looking forward to a full day of various activities tomorrow.

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