Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Serious Topic


Before I could no longer do it, I used to volunteer as our local animal shelter. I did this for over two years, the last six months were after we moved 25 miles away. I took both of my daughters to help as well. Our Saturdays, for two years, were all about cleaning cat cages, emptying litter boxes, cleaning dog kennels, scooping poop, washing pet dishes and pet linens. We purposefully chose the jobs that weren't glamorous because they were the jobs nobody else wanted to do and the jobs that most needed to be done. Most volunteers just wanted to walk the animals for a few minutes and play a little catch.

We got do the fun stuff as well, but only after the three hours of other chores were done. It was hard work which started at 9:00 AM sharp. It was disgusting at times. It was rewarding all of the time. We did this for the animals. The animals need more than walking and play time. They need fed, watered and their little shelters kept clean so they can remain healthy during their stay. Many of the animals need medical care and many of which take months to place in a new home.

Baby Girl, our lovely dog in the photo above, was rescued shortly after I could no longer volunteer. She was emaciated (about ten pounds under weight), scarred (physical scars that can still be seen today, as well as some missing teeth), a victim of obvious abuse. She has since become a happy, loving and playful girl and brings us so much joy and happiness.  

So… here is where I ask you to help.

Go to the link below and vote for Baby Girl. Her photo has been entered into a little friendly competition for the cover of Willamette Humane Society’s Magazine. Here is the deal. A minimum of five votes can be bought for a mere $1.00 each. 100% of all of the money goes directly to providing quality care to the 9000 animals they rescue, nurse and place every year. Every dollar helps.

Willamette does great work in not just placing animals in new homes, but also offering education training for owners, which is just as important. Please, consider helping support this organization. It will only take a few minutes of your time and only the same amount of money you might spend at McDonalds for lunch tomorrow, if not less. I thank you, the animals thank you and your waistline will thank you.

Thank you for showing your support for this noble cause.

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