Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Artist Way


This is dedicated to the recent grads of The Artist Way.

The above image is symbolic of who we are as artists. 

The Tentacles - This is us, as human beings and artists. These beautiful silky tendrils appear weak and frail, seemingly hanging on by a thread. But woe to those that venture to close to these mighty tentacles of strength, for they have power to move those which might not otherwise consider them at all; an otherwise small, unassuming package with the power and beauty of an entire sea. We are these tentacles.

The Bell - This is The Muse. It is the cement that binds us together as individuals, artists and a group. The Muse is what moves us, carries us along and leads us to bluer waters. Although we all have our own styles and our own voices, we are not floating freely in the sea of life, but rather we are guided by a single power and that is the muse within crying for our artist to speak with our voices, to spread our message with our words, to share our vision with our imagery.

Alone we are like debris in a sea of doubt, but together under the guide of the muse we are strong. We are vocal. We are creative. We are artists.

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