Thursday, February 3, 2011

Studio247 After Dark

Studio247 (pronounced Studio-Two-Four-Seven) kicked off our door opening last night at the downtown Salem event known as First Wednesday. Our gracious host and partner was the wonderful Stephani Sachs, owner of The Space Between which is located on the bottom floor of the Reed Opera House. We had a stellar turnout of fun people for the kick off event. With Stephani's help, and the use of her space, we offered free Facebook portraits to anyone willing to come in and join us for the celebration. We had friends, family and complete strangers joining us for a fun session of fun Facebook portraits fun. We will be doing this again next month... so stay tuned for the announcement. Even with the ate night last night, I was in the studio this morning at 6:10 PM. Yes it was the butt crack of dawn, but was also absolutely worth it. See the image below.

So who is Studio247? We are Nathan Smith, Elizabeth Smith (no relation to Nathan), Jonathon Fraga and me. We came together to join forces to make our dreams come true and to give us a place to expand and explore our creative visions. You will be able to see more about soon by going to

We have a lot in store for the new studio, but for now we are getting settled in.

We do things a little different, but that is a good thing. We have a lot planned in the work, so more exciting things are coming. Contact us and find out for yourself just how different can be great..

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