Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cool Products for Christmas

Okay, here is a complete list of what I want for Christmas.... These are awesome!

A Raid 0 Compact Flash Card that takes four Micro SD cards. Imagine four 32GB cards. Geekgasm!
The beard beanie... for those cold mornings.
For those days when I am not wanting to deal with people
Because it's the truth
Just because it's fitting
The Coolest Cube EVER!
Because everyone wants to hurl stuff over long distances
The 4000 calorie gummy worm... 26" long, 5 inch girth, 3 lbs... equals 128 normal gummy worms
Camera lens braclets are a photo geek accessory requirement
Laxman Ganzfeld Effect system for an ultra sensory experience - I want badly
So there is my Christmas list in case anyone out there is looking for any last minute gift ideas for me. 

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