Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SummitUP in Pictures

The SummitUP weekend is over, but not forgotten. I already modified my pricing and completely reworked my whole approach to marketing. So many topics that I could have chosen to be my business remodel starting point I decided to start there and then tackle the others.

Sadly, I didn't get to

So here it is... SummitUP in photos.

The Reluctant Model
 Yes, Nathan hates me, but I can't help myself. Thanks for putting up with me Nathan and at least there isn't a video of you like the one below. :)

Models for Doug Gordon's Posing and Lighting Workshop

Doug Gordon Making a Point

More of the Bride and Groom

Sister's Oregon is a piece of Heaven

Doug doing the thing he does almost as good as photography

Night Shoot

My Private Experiment with my reluctant model Nathan.

Trash the Dress Shoot

The Bride Willing to Trash the Dress

One Last Shot of the Trip Home
And in case you haven't been to a Kevin Kubota event, this is what happens if your phone makes a noise of any kind. Sorry Joy and Jules Bianchi... You know there is nothing but love for you.... but I had to share...

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