Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing with Water - A Photogeddon Play Date

Today, to try and break out of my creative slump... I thought I would use some new techniques and tools to play with water.  I thought I would share them. Also... I am thinking of dropping my watermark completely... Any thoughts?

Also my thanks to Chris and Nathan for their encouraging feedback on post the other day. It did help.


Nathan said...

Good stuff! I love shooting waterdrops.. there is so much randomness. I am not a big fan of the white vignette but what ever works. The next to last one is awesome... wonder how it would look upside down?

How about a re-visit and next time use your strobe set to pulse light and capture a water drop in different positions?

I love your watermark. I think the more simplistic version without the gray background worked really well. Maybe have a black, white and grey version for different photos. just mho.

Christopher said...

Great shots MP. I also like your watermark. I think it adds intentionality to a photo and most people will perceive the extra effort as "professional".