Friday, October 29, 2010

Photogeddon - Day 31: Treasures

The Santa Margarita was a Spanish ship that sank in a hurricane in the Florida Keys about 40 miles west off the island of Key West in 1622.
Artifacts from the ship are currently on display at the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum in Key West and here in Oregon as well. In an unassuming home, here in Oregon, is a beautiful collection of treasures from the shipwreck. A grandfather of the family I visited was involved with the salvage recovery and worked directly with Mel Fisher to recover the treasures from the deeps of the Gulf of Mexico. This is just a small sample of the treasures... and love shot of one of their dogs.

Broken Hand Ceramic

The real treasure Lily

From a Ship Wreck

Coin from Ship Wreck

Santa Margarita Treasure

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