Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A still life of a still life

Many times when photographing nature, it helps to not close your mind to other possibilities.

What if you were so focused on getting the humming bird or the perfect sunflower that you missed a wonderful photographic opportunity right in front of you?

That would be a complete shame now wouldn't it.
I am not saying that having a plan of action is not a good thing, but what I am saying is that every once in a while you should, no you need to empty your mind and see what you come across. Because if you spend all day looking at the sky you will go blind and end up missing what is at your feet.
Five colors blind the eyes.
Five tones deafens the ears.
Five tastes jade the palate.
Hunting and racing madden the heart.
Exotic goods ensnarl human lives.
Therefore the Wiseman takes care of the mind and not the eye. He chooses one and rejects the other.
~ Lao Tzu


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