Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Hours: Six Images

My new ride. Well not completely new as I have had it for a month and put 342 miles on it as of today, but still new enough. This was the first shot I took, of the six total for the shoot. I got to the event early and decided to experiment while I waited for others to ge there.

Photography is a funny thing. My photography group came to the bridge to shoot photos of the bridge, the scenes around the bridge and the sunset. What ended up happening was after the sun went down, Nathan and I started painting with light for the group members. If you don't know what Painting with Light is, take a look at this below (images by Kim Courtright)....

I didn't take any photos because I was helping do the painting, which is why I had to use my friend's photos. All in all it was a good time. Everyone laughed their butts off as Nathan and I painted various scenes and each other.

But before the flashlights were broke out, I was able to capture a few more images of the scenery that was presented us on this night.

Like I said... the night was glorious. The night was fun. It isn't about how many or how few photographs you capture. It is about the quality of the photos you capture.

Anything can be photographed. Nathan and I proved that with a small LED flashlight and some creative light painting. All it ever takes is for you to open your mind and figure out how to make the scene photographic.

Grab yourself a flashlight and try to prove me wrong.

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