Monday, November 9, 2009

A Daydream Squandered On Idle Hopes Of A Hopeless Man

I was once someone else in a dream. But this someone had no future to look forward to. Only pain, torment, misery and self-loathing. This someone else was fishing, with so many other people, all trying to find their place in this used up god foresaken thing called existence. Hope was missing but never lost in this someone's heart I felt beating. Hope knew where it was all along but I could not find it. Where has hope gone I asked this someone. This someone looked at me in the distorted, funhouse-like reflections of the water and said, "Your daydreams hold the key to finding hope. Look there and hope will be found again." I peered deep into this someone's sad sea green eyes and said, "Daydreams are a thing of the past for me. They were killed by the Awkward Man when I was six. I have tried to revive them time and again, but they are gone, for forever I am afraid ."

This someone's heart saddened as these words were spoken; "Then the Awkward Man killed you when you were six and you have been a daydream squandered ever since." The someone walked away from the water and left me there to drown in the blurred reflections of my life lost.

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