Sunday, January 25, 2009


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Before he speaks for God, he listens to what God wants to say.

A local ordaned minister in Portland protest Portland's Mayor outside of city hall.

For those of you who are unaware, Sam Adams is the first openly gay mayor elected to a large city in the United States.

During his campaign, allegation of a relationship with a 18 year old intern came out, which were denied by the mayor and the intern, until this week when the truth was to be released.

Sam Adams, aged 44, admitted that the relationship with the 18 year old did happen, he was 43 at the time and was sexual.

The intern was 17 years old when he first met the 42 year old Sam Adams and it was admiited that the discussion of a relation happened before the interns 18th birthday.

Many call this a sign of Adams being predator, a 42 year old pursuing at 17 year old.

Others have taken issue with homosexualality other have taken issue with the fact that he lied about the relationship before he was elected enabling him to be elected, where he possibly would not have been elected if the truth had been known.

What is the future for Sam Adams? Regardless of his sexual orientation, regardless of his lies and the false pretenses casting doubt on the legitimacy of his election to the highest city office in the largest city in the state of Oregon.. the fact of the matter is that he made a bad decision, then lied and had others lie to the public. This is not the person I want to have in an office representing me, my state or my fellow Oregonians.

But that is just my opinion. And opinions are like armpits. Everyone has a couple and they usually stink.

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