Sunday, August 3, 2008

Enlightenment New Scan

Enlightenment New Scan, originally uploaded by MonkeyPaw2u.

I finally found the negative and got it scanned by a friend. Much better than the original post.

This is the inspiration for me to begin photography.

I won a $20 bet with my dad while visiting my parents in Fort Collins, CO. He said that I could not take a picture of lightning because once I saw and pressed the shutter, it would be gone. Never one for being I can't do something, I took the bet.

With fours rolls of his film and his camera I stood outside in the middle of the backyard during one of the most violent lightning storms I had ever witnessed (not recommended for obvious reasons).

I shot two rolls of color film and two roles of black and white film without a tripod. I figured that if I couldn't snap the picture as it happened, I would play with the shutter and force it to stay open for five seconds. Yes this photo was taken without a tripod and the shutter open for five seconds.

While I was able to capture a dozen or so pictures of lightning, this was by far the most remarkable... I have been taking pictures ever since, but am now getting interested more in improving my photography.

This taken with an Olympus 35mm camera with my dad's roll Kodak ISO 400 film.

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Laurie said...

For some reason the photo didn't upload on the site, but I looked at in on the Flickr link. It is spectacular. Well done.