Friday, April 11, 2008

365: Day 53 - The Road Trip

365: Day 53 - The Road Trip, originally uploaded by MonkeyPaw2u.

A part of the Cascade mountain range, these three peaks or called "The Three Sisters". From left to right; South Sister, Middle Sister and North Sister.

North Sister has experienced some swelling which is an indicator of potential volcanic activity. No serious threat as of yet, but since she is a part of the same mountain range as Mount St. Helens and Mount Mazama (Crater Lake), the risk of a violent explosion is present. Mount St. Helens was not the first of the Cascade Mountains to "Blow" its top on May 18th, 1980. Mt Mazama almost completely blew up in around 5677 BC and the eruption has been estimated to have been over 40 times more powerful than Mount St. Helens. Could the North Sister be the next?

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