Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Groovin With Gloves On

Every day I struggle internally with so many things. In this rare [clear] shot of me, you see me how I am... basically a walking billboard for bad taste... which is a complete contradiction to how my co-workers see me every Monday - Friday... khakis, polo (or button down) and dressy Schetchers.

In real life I hate shaving and combing my hair (which is why prefer to shave my head). I have no sense of style (look at me, I look like a walking Christmas tree and I go out in public like this). I don't do it to make a statement, I just don't care what other people think of me.

Each morning I wake up wondering what I am going do... play bass, shoot some pics, draw, paint etc. And recently, more days than not, shooting pictures have prevailed.

I am not good at any of the mediums I work in... sure, by looking at my pool you will see that I have moments in photography, but even a one year old has moments of promise.

Each time I pick up a pencil, a paint brush, a musical instrument and even my camera, it is like the first time... I am a virgin to the medium all over again.

My life is like playing bass with gloves on... and it is frustrating. So if you ever see me on street holding a camera, pad and pencil, a brush, or a muscial instrument just remember...

Take it easy on me... I'm a virgin.

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