Monday, December 17, 2007

Mural Phase VI - Completed

The Mural is complete. It took a total of eight days (each Sunday we went down and painted for the entire day... this included the two weeks that my wife worked alone on the sea floor and the ocean before I joined the fun... as well as the four weeks she spent prior painting the rest of the room. For here this project started in September... and is now completed.

This was done for our soon to be delivered niece Gabriel. It was painted with love and we hope that she gets much joy from this. It is huge in scale... it covers a 10' wide by 10' high wall.

Although we are being asked if we would be willing to do it for others (for money) I think my wife and I agree that this was a one time thing. While my wife has painted before (on a much smaller scale; 2x3 canvas) and I have drawn a little, neither of us had ever taken on such a huge project... and aren't looking to repeat it any time soon. But then again, time may make us forget just how big this project was and we may just agree to do it again... but not for some time.

This is the completed Ark.

This is the Dove, painted by my wife.

This is the entire mural taken in two pictures and stitched together, hence the line in the picture.

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